BCS Playoffs: Congress is finally doing its job

15 12 2009

Lots of criticism circulated last week following the announcement that the House of Representatives proposed legislation to force a D-I college football playoff system, replacing the BCS. http://msn.foxsports.com/cfb/story/10504392/House-bill-seeks-a-college-football-playoff-plan-to-replace-current-BCS-system-

Now, I am not here to debate the merits of whether or not Congress has the right or ability to make such decisions. But I do think they are on to something, and are actually doing their jobs (for once).

Critics argue that Congress has more important things to do than discuss a college football playoff system. Are you sure about that? The last time I checked, Congress was elected “By the People, For the People” to represent them and give them a voice in the way this country is run.

For so long people have felt like politicians only say what needs to be said in order to get elected, then once on The Hill they ignore their constituents. Now that Congress is serving the will of the people, they get criticized? What do you people want?

It doesn’t take much common sense to realize what is important to people. I am not saying that the BCS versus playoff debate is more critical than health care and the economy. But what are people talking about? They don’t want Health Care reform the way it is being presented right now. They don’t want to continue this war on terror in Afghanistan, but want to ensure we “win.” They don’t want more stimulus just to have taxes go up. They don’t want to do anything that means their taxes go up, and lately the only steady theme coming out of DC is that taxes will go up regardless of what is passed.

But since the politicians don’t seem to want to listen to the people on those issues, let’s give them credit for listening to the masses on this issue.

The fans (and media) have been crying FOUL on the BCS system for years. They even voted down a proposal for a playoff in 2008 (see my post about that). http://community.foxsports.com/mrpressbox/blog/2008/05/01/bcs_big_conspiracy_series

The fans clearly feel their opinion is not considered when it comes to determining a National Champion. Of course the BCS is better than the system where it was an arbitrary Final Poll that determined the National Champion. Then there was the flaw with the AP and Coaches polls potentially naming two different National Champions. And many times the co-National Champions never had the opportunity to play each other to attempt to settle the debate. And this only goes to support any conspiracy theory suggested regarding the monopoly certain conferences hold over determining the best team(s) in the country. But we can save that debate for another day.

Nearly every corner of the college football fan nation cries for a playoff system. And when a Texas Representative and the star of the Texas Longhorns both argue that the BCS is not an effective measure of determining a National Champion, I find it a little more credible than coming from someone in Boise or Cincinnati.

Regardless of the source, your elected officials are listening to us about a college football playoff system. Let’s embrace that, and see that as hope that they may also hear your voices eventually on matters that really affect this great country of ours.

I would salute those elected officials leading the charge for a playoff system, but they just voted to give themselves another raise – in the middle of a recession with 10+% unemployment – so I am not going to give them too much credit.





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