Mr Meyer’s Wild Ride

28 12 2009

Just something to think about before we head into the BCS bowl schedule … are we being told the truth about Urban Meyer?

After too many shady backroom coaching deals over the past few years, a few red flags were raised following the abrupt resignation of Florida’s Urban Meyer Saturday, and then following the equally abrupt backpedaling we saw the next day.

The explanation we got was that it was due to a medical condition. But now he may be on the sideline (less than 24 hours after deciding to walk away)? Not so fast, Mr. Meyer.

It is very likely this was a backroom deal — leading to Meyer taking another coaching job after taking a year off — gone wrong.

I may not have been the only one with an eyebrow left raised following the shocking news, and after a little investigating, the Florida AD may have caught wind of the deal.

How better to get out of your deal, still get paid, and then “mysteriously” have a Tier 1 coaching job (whether NFL or other college program) waiting gift-wrapped on his doorstep.

I pray for Urban’s continued good health, but I also hope he hasn’t been trying to pull a fast-one over on us at the peak of the giving season.

Mr Pressbox – Out!




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