Coaches = Gamers

12 01 2010

Pete Carroll = EA NCAA 2010

Charlie Weiss = EA MADDEN 2010

Some people are avid college football fanatics. Others are crazy about the NFL. The same is true about video games, and apparently coaching success.

Some people can run the triple option and recruit Idaho to a National Champion on the Heisman level, but can’t take the Patriots to the playoffs on Rookie in MADDEN. Others play MADDEN until their thumbs blister and XBox 360s overheat, but can’t get out of one season on NCAA.

For no explainable reason, some people are just more geared to the college game, while others prefer the Sunday version. It seems coaches are not much different. Some have success at the college level but fail in the NFL, while others are considered NFL geniuses but can’t handle the grind of the college game.

But despite the reasons Pete Carroll went all Reggie Bush – bouncing to the outside streaking down the sideline to an NFL payday – we already know how this is going to end. Carroll has always been a mediocre NFL coach. Just ask the Patriots. He is not going to turn the Seattle Seahawks into the NFL West version of the USC Trojans.

Just the opposite is true for guys like Charlie Weiss. He may be built like the Big Tuna (Bill Parcels) but that’s where the comparisons end. He was terrific as the offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots. But failed miserably as a head coach at Notre Dame. So, after getting canned from the Irish, he went right to place where he can be useful, the sidelines of Kansas City playing second fiddle to Todd Haley as the Chiefs offensive coordinator. Which is sure to pay dividends for the Chiefs.

The same formula applies to other coaches. Nick Saban tried his hand at the NFL only to exit faster than Rosie O’Donnell from a Curves. Lane Kiffin found success with the University of Tennessee. Dennis Erickson never caught on with the NFL but turned several college programs into success stories.

Football will always be football. But obviously it takes different types of coaches to succeed at the different levels. Some love recruiting, developing talent and can handle the strict guidelines imposed by the NCAA. But others can tolerate the egos and develop cutting edge gameplans at the professional level.

So here’s an easy prediction; Pete Carroll will not last three seasons in Seattle. He will either be back in the NCAA or home watching games on DirecTV. One place he will not be is in the NFL, much less the NFL post-season.

Mr. Pressbox Out!!




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