Crennel and Weiss revive Chiefs

15 01 2010

With the announcement of Romeo Crennel’s hiring as the Kansas City Chiefs’ new defensive coordinator, Scott Pioli finally pulled his head out of the sand and made his team an instant playoff contender.

Let’s put aside the silly Kansas City Patriots comments. The Chiefs organization has been a classy NFL organization – despite its Dallas origins – since Hank Stram matriculated up and down the Chiefs’ sidelines. No need to compare them to an organization clouded in scandal led by a scheming hoodie.

Reuniting Crennel with Charlie Weiss gives the Chiefs the same powerful coordinators that the Patriots used to build their franchise to an NFL powerhouse. And the duo is credited just as much, if not more, for the current success the Patriots enjoy.

Not only do the hirings give the Chiefs instant credibility, as well as better offensive and defensive programs, it also ensures attracting a better crop of free agents to Kansas City in the off-season.

Now, instead of a gaggle of mid-range, busts, and players past their primes filling the Chiefs roster because no one else would take their offers seriously, the Chiefs automatically put themselves in the conversation for some of the top free agents on the market.

As long as Scott Pioli and Clark Hunt are willing to write the checks.

Now, I’m not about to declare the Chiefs a playoff team or division contender, but you can be sure to they will have a drastically better season in 2010 (possibly even getting to 8-8).

As well as give the fans hope and a reason to return to the sea of red at Arrowhead.

Mr Pressbox Out!!




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