4th & 3: Not Favre’s Fault

19 01 2010

First, I dislike Brett Favre just as much most non-Vikings fans. I think he should have stayed retired and just made a mockery of his career with his selfish yo-yo antics. But you can’t argue with the guy’s numbers.

Now, people need to shut up and get off Brett Favre for the touchdown pass with 2 minutes left in the playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys. Why? Because Dallas was burning its timeouts leading up to the 2-minute-warning. That means they were still being competitive and wanted to try to get the ball back for a chance to score. They were still fighting. That makes it OK for the Vikings to continue to fight.

And then, WHAT IF the Vikings called a simple run play, with the full intention of running out the clock (as all the critics are saying), and Adrian Peterson squirted through the line for a score? Would you be complaining that AP should have collapsed on the 1-yard-line aka LeSean McCoy? That’s ridiculous. These guys are intense competitors.

It is the JOB of the Dallas defense to stop the opposing offense. THAT is why they get paid MILLIONS of dollars and we have to pay outrageous prices to watch them.

So man up. Shut up. And play some defense.

Mr Pressbox Out!!





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