Kaeding’s just a kicker; let’s see how well you would do

19 01 2010

Nate Kaeding is the best kicker in NFL. Period. During the regular season he was an ice-water-for-veins sniper armed with a 36″ long right leg, keen targeting, and a catapult hidden in an undersized black kickers’ shoe.

The nickname “Mr Automatic” was quite common synonymous with Kaeding around the Big 10 when Kaeding kicked for Iowa. Groza award winner and kicker savant, Kaeding found his was out of Iowa by kicking his way into the Hawkeye record books.

But soon how the vultures circle. No, not in the skies, but in the locker room, media room , parking garage and more . The buzzards swarm looking for a cheap snap shot and sensational quote to make some outrageous story.

Kaeding set the mark for most accurate kicker and was perfect inside of 40 yards this year, with only 3 misses all season. But on a day when he bricks 2 very makeable kicks and then misses one throw away kick of 57 yards as time expired to end the first half (that one doesn’t really count), suddenly years of hard work go out the window. Yes under the pressure, Kaeding struggles.  But so do many others.

But that aside, Norv Turner and the offense wasn’t very productive either. So when the Chargers well-oiled machine stalled in the redzone, they called Nate the Great. CBS jinxed him by having his last missed fg cued up to show right before his first kick. JINX. Wide left. The 57 yd kick was pointless. It’s only benefit was taking Kaeding out of his game. Then in the third, with playoff hopes hanging on his trusty right leg, he pushed it right.  

So many other breakdowns took place in the game while Kaeding was on the bench. Drives that could have scored, that stalled. Drives self destructed with turnovers , penalties and negative plays. Kaeding had nothing to do with those errors.

Since turning pro, his post season record has been less than stellar. Some like to heap the “choker” tag on him. It’s a label he earned years ago. But he will have to step his postseason kicks up to drop the post season choker names.

But to alter his wikipedia page to say he committed suicide is cowardly and insensitive. It was probably some fat SoCal laid off fluffer after Vivid Videos downsized its staff this winter. It’s just cruel, cowardly, malicious, and libelous.

Alright all of you kicker-bashers, get off the couch, dust the crackers of your hoodie, get your football gear and let’s go. If you can make 10/10 from the 3 yd line (that’s a 20 yd fg or extra point) or even get the ball in the endzone while trying a 57 yd field goal, I will sincerely apologize.  Otherwise back away from my pal with the gloomy look on his face and pat him on the back for such a solid effort.

Mr Pressbox Out!!




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