Live Tiger/Tebow-Free on 2/22

31 01 2010

I think we’ve all just about had enough of Tiger Woods (The Pyrite Wonder) and Tim “Jeezus” Tebow. The gags and jokes are everywhere about the media overdose of both Tiger and Tebow. Even the sports commentators found themselves caught up in the “Tebow” death-spiral; laughing at themselves for constantly mentioning Tebow during games in which Tebow was not even playing. Big 12, Big 10 and even Pac 10 conference announcers would find ways to weave His Holyness into their broadcasts.

Well it’s time to say: enough is enough!

And since we can’t force the two of them onto a boat destined for a rendezvous with Somali pirates, let’s hope for the next-best thing: a Tiger/Tebow-Free Day. Think of it as a holiday free from having to hear about two of the biggest sports pains-in-the-ass.

To clarify, I have nothing personal against Tim Tebow – the person, but I would love to punch Tim Tebow – the persona, the myth, the legend, right in the mouth with a sledge hammer. And as for Tiger, well, he just proved that his “I’m better than you because I learned how to put in my mom’s womb” attitude was obviously an overcompensation for the fact that he is a dirty low-life. He can stay in hiding and I believe society will actually improve because he is gone.

Therefore, I declare Feb 22 (a.k.a 2/22, Two Twenty Two) National Tiger/Tebow-Free Day. And at 2:22pm EST, Feb 22, we will hold a moment of silence in order to emphasize our enjoyment of TTFD. It will be like a holiday for our souls, for our psyches.

Pass this on any way and every way you can. Post it on your Facebook, reTweet it, link on your web site, text it to your friends. Click here to RSVP for the event on the Mr Pressbox Facebook page (

With enough support, we may even look to fine all sports commentators who violate TTFD to raise money for charity.

Live Tiger and Tebow Free on 2/22!!

Mr Pressbox Out!!

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