Who is behind NCAA tournament expansion? Obama and Pelosi?

1 04 2010

The NCAA continues to prove it is guided by the quest for the almighty dollar and not the desire to put the best product on the field. With the announcement today that IF the NCAA expands the NCAA basketball tournament, it will explode to 96 teams – not a more sensible expansion to 68.

Who is in charge of this mess? Barrack Obama and Nancy Pelosi?

Expanding the NCAA tournament to 96 teams will only dilute the product already out there. Yes we all love to see the David’s slay the Goliath’s, but no one ever really gives Lehigh a chance to beat Kansas. And now you are adding 32 teams worse than the 15 and 16 seeds already in the tournament. Say hello to the sub-.500 teams making the tournament field.

It’s like the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups of basketball tournaments; you got your NCAA tournament in my NIT, you got your NIT tournament in my NCAA tournament. All for the sake of trying to squeeze more money out of the TV networks stupid enough to go along with this charade, the sponsors buying the commercial space on those networks, and the helpless fans who will be milked dry for the sake of following the teams they love.

And how will you make the bracket work at work? The NCAA claims to have the system in place, but it all won’t fit on one piece of paper you can run through the copier and hand out at work for $5 a pop. The top 32 teams will get a bye, and while the lower 64 teams fight for the lower half of the “original” 64-team bracket. On top of that mess, they plan to squeeze the whole thing into the same window as the regular NCAA tournament.

So instead of the NCAA expanding the BCS into a football tournament, the NCAA is choosing to dilute an already weak product. The fans want a football playoff and get “the heisman” from the NCAA. But when fans oppose the basketball tournament expansion (polls right now on national sports sites show a 3-to-1 ratio against expansion), the NCAA says “open up, this will only hurt a little bit” as they ram the tournament expansion down our throats.

When did the NCAA headquarters relocate to Washington, D.C.?

Mr Pressbox Out!!





One response

3 04 2010

I must say that more teams that does not belong in the tournament would be selected and that hurts the competion in tournament. I feel expansion should happen but 96 teams are too many. The selection or making tournament is devalued by allowing weaker teams into the tourney. I do not like the bye system because now Selection Committee will futher play a part in who will get those byes. Team should play every game as it is set in the system now.

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