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Moeaki: Chiefs offensive MVP candidate

9 01 2011
Tony Moeaki, Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs rookie tight end Tony Moeaki makes on of the NFL 2010 season's best catches.

Sure, Jamaal Charles led the universe in yards-per-carry (6.4 avg) and finished second to Arian Foster in rushing yards (with 1,467). Yes, Dwayne Bowe led the league with receiving touchdowns (15) and finished 7th in the league in receiving yards. And then there’s Matt Cassell, who finished 8th in NFL passer rating (93.0) and a stellar 27/7 touchdown-to-interception ratio. Hold onto that Cassell thought for a second.

But a key offensive addition to the Kansas City Chiefs may have contributed just a much to their success as Charles, Bowe and Cassell – rookie tight end Tony Moeaki.

With Moeaki, a third-round draft pick out of Iowa, getting three or more receptions in a game, the Chiefs were 8-2 (40 rec, 465 yds, 2 TDs). But when he caught less than three passes in a game, the Chiefs were only 1-5 (7 rec, 91 yds, 1 TD). Moeaki did miss the Arizona game due concussion symptoms and the Chiefs won, and Moeaki tallied a reception in every game he played during his rookie season. And during their first playoff game since 2003, Moeaki only had one reception for 22 yards in the Chiefs’ loss to the Baltimore Ravens. So technically, they would be 1-6 when Moeaki gets less than three receptions in 2010.

This was not something that escaped Chiefs’ opponents. It was apparent schemes were created to mitigate Moeaki as the key relief valve for Cassell, as well as to ensure the tight end stayed in protection to give his quarterback extra time in the pocket. Opponents knew with Moeaki out of the picture, Cassell’s comfort level would decrease, opening him up for more mistakes.

Moeaki will not supplant Charles as the Chiefs’ team MVP or even offensive MVP, but he definitely is the team’srookie offensive MVP. Of course his only real opposition for that would be gimmick specialist Dexter McCluster. Moeaki broke the team’s rookie receptions record (previously held by Tony Gonzalez) and was only a few yards (4 yards) shy of setting the Chiefs’ rookie receiving yards record.

With a full year of NFL experience under his belt, Moeaki should be positioned to have a breakout sophomore season, as well as find himself on everyone’s fantasy football draft list in 2011.

Now back to Matt Cassell … Chiefs Nation needs to keep something in perspective. Cassell is not “the chosen one” or anything like that. He had a good season in a very safe offensive scheme. It was a low-risk, low reward system. In comparison, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers‘ Josh Freeman finished better than Cassell in passer rating (95.9) and passing yards (Cassell: 3,116 yards; Freeman: 3,451 yards). Cassell threw more touchdowns (27 Cassell, 25 Freeman), but Freeman threw fewer interceptions (6 Freeman, 7 Cassell). Unless Cassell can become a threat with his running ability, his numbers and impact are just average. He is not a threat to any opposing defense.

Mr. Pressbox Out!!

Hawkeyes Handcuff Heisman Hopeful; Improved Stanzi, not improved result

30 11 2010
Ricky Stanzi, Iowa Hawkeyes

Ricky Stanzi, Iowa Hawkeyes

What makes Brett Favre Brett Favre? What makes Peyton Manning Peyton Manning? What makes Michael Vick Michael Vick? Drew Brees? Tom Brady? Aaron Rodgers? Phillip Rivers?

… Their ability to be themselves. They are all unique and have different skill sets, and their coaches utilize those abilities – not try to fit them in a neat little box.

While many try to figure out what went wrong after an indescribably disappointing 7-5 2010 season, I point the blame at one key area – Ricky Stanzi version 2.0. Not at Ricky Stanzi the man or the player, but at Ricky Stanzi 2.0 the offensive concept.

After a magical 2009 season that saw Iowa start the season with a team record nine straight wins, finish 10-2 (with Stanzi out and injured in the two losses) during the regular season, and 11-2 overall after handily defeating Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl, some in the Iowa Hawkeyes head-shed thought improving Stanzi’s touchdown-to-interception ratio would only make the team better. They were wrong.

Though Kirk Ferentz, Ken O’Keefe and company managed to transform Stanzi from a 17/15 (TD/Int) cardiac kid in 2009 to a 25/4 (TD/Int) precision machine in 2010, they also managed to take the spectacular Capt. America and turn him into the pedestrian Steve Rogers. They stripped Capt. Comeback’s powers, leaving him unable to overcome four-interception games with one magical drive. They converted a Heisman-hopeful into a quarterback who was not even an Honorable Mention in the All-Big 10 voting.

They were so focused on reducing Stanzi’s interceptions; they neutralized his abilities to be a playmaker, a field general, a game manager, a leader, and more importantly, a threat to opposing defenses. He may have had 25 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions, and he may have been ranked in the top five of all FBS quarterbacks, but when the game was on the line, Capt. Comeback was not a threat.

It was obvious throughout the entire season that Stanzi was so paranoid about finding the check-down receiver and not taking chances down the field, that he ignored wide-open targets streaking down the seams or on crossing patterns. It cost the Hawkeyes dearly.

Having 25 touchdowns and only four interceptions doesn’t mean much when you have five losses. In his first two years as a starter for the Iowa Hawkeyes, Stanzi had a record of 18-4 (.818) with 31 touchdowns and 25 interceptions (a 1.24:1 ratio). 2010 traded in 25 touchdowns and 4 interceptions (6.25:1 ratio) for an unranked 7-5 (.583).

There was no reason to mess with the formula. The prudent thing to do would have been to tweak a few things but leave the package, as a whole, virtually untouched. Why mess with success?

But to be completely fair, the special teams cost the Iowa Hawkeyes two crucial early games (Arizona and Wisconsin) and Adrian Clayborn admitted what we all feared, that after those two losses, the team basically fell apart and lost its motivation to go on. Stanzi could have thrown 50 touchdowns and no interceptions all year and that wouldn’t have made a difference if the rest of team basically quits after two gut-wrenching losses.

Again, this is not blasting Ricky Stanzi as a player or a person.  This is against the schemes and positions the offensive leadership of the Iowa Hawkeyes put him in, trying to make Stanzi into something he is not.

Stanzi is a playmaker, a leader, a game manager and a little  quirky. But one thing he is not, is a robot, and to expect him to behave and produce like one, was absolutely unreasonable and potentially what suffocated this extremely talented 2010 Iowa Hawkeyes team. Couple that with a ridiculous amount of key injuries, you’ve got a perfect s storm for losing five games by a combined total of 18 points.

That is eerily similar to Stanzi’s first year as a starter (2008) when Iowa lost four games by a combined total of 12 points. To put it into perspective, Michigan State’s loss to Iowa was by 31 points, compared to Iowa’s 18 over five losses. And seven of Iowa’s 18-point differential came in the game against Arizona, leaving the last four losses with an average margin for defeat of less than three points (11 points, 4 games).

And those who are calling for Kirk Ferentz to resign or be fired are ignorant, misguided or simply blinded by the pain of such a disappointing season. Kirk Ferentz has earned the right to have a disappointing season every now and then, but he does need to make some changes, starting with the offensive coordinator and the offensive scheme.

First Quarter Grades: Big 10 and Big 12

22 09 2010

After Week 3 of the 2010 college football season, most teams have played three games, so it comes logically to deliver the first quarter grades – the Midterms, if you will. Here is a quick look at the grades:

Big 10

TEAM            [Grade]      NOTES

Ohio St  (3-0)          [A]      Looked good, just as expected.

Wisconsin (3-0)    [B+]   Had a close win vs Arizona St to remain undefeated

Michigan St (3-0) [B+]    Needed trick play vs Notre Dame to stay 3-0

Northwestern (3-0) [B]   Haven’t played any real competition yet.

Iowa (2-1)                   [B]    Tough loss to ranked team. Solid start.

Penn St (2-1)              [B]    3 non-competitive games to start the season

Michigan (3-0)         [B]    Close games to UMass & Notre Dame aren’t real impressive

Illinois (2-1)              [B]    Loss to Mizzou exposed weaknesses for Illini

Indiana (2-0)            [B-]     Only 2 games vs Towson & W. Kentucky

Purdue (2-1)             [B-]     Lost to a diminished Notre Dame team

Minnesota (1-2)      [C-]     Losing to SDSU alone almost earned them a “D”

Big 10 MVP: Denard Robinson (Mich) / John Clay (Wisc)

Big 10 Heisman: Terrell Pryor (OSU) / John Clay (Wisc)

Big 12

TEAM            [Grade]      NOTES

Nebraska  (3-0)          [A]      Destroyed Washington & Jake Locker’s draft status.

Oklahoma (3-0)         [A]      Quality opponents to start season, Air Force & FSU

Texas (3-0)                 [A-]    Undefeated but not the same Texas team

Kansas St (3-0)         [A-]     Billy Snyder & Daniel Thomas are driving this train

Oklahoma St (3-0)  [A-]      Solid A if not for close game vs Troy

Texas A&M (3-0)     [A-]      Did their job in 1st Qtr, but nothing impressive

Missouri (3-0)           [B+]    Close games against average competition

Texas Tech (2-1)      [B+]    Could easily be 3-0, played Texas tough

Baylor (2-1)               [B]        Only loss was to TCU

Colorado (2-1)         [B]         Won the games they should have won, lost to Cal

Iowa St (1-2)            [C+]      Toughest start of any team (vs Iowa & K St)

Kansas (1-2)            [C}          Jekyll & Hyde; lost to NDSU but beat Ga Tech

Big 12 MVP: Brandon Weedan (OSU) / Jerrod Johnson (TAMU)

Big 12 Heisman: Daniel Thomas (KSU) / Landry Jones (OU)

Big Ten Expansion (part 3): The Contenders

12 04 2010

After discussing some of the  outside contenders for the 12th spot in the Big Ten, lots of noise has been made to cut to the chase and get to the real teams (already). This installment will cover the teams with good chances, but not the front-runners. The top two teams for expansion will follow soon.

Some bloggers and so-called experts have been casting doubt on the “East Coast Media Theory” for Big 10 expansion. The problem is, it is too logical not to apply. The conference wants to send a serious statement to the college football community that it is THE top conference in football by adding a conference championship game as well as gain exposure in the ESPN (Eastern Sports Publicity Network) dominated media market on the East Coast.

Two major teams accomplish this feat; the Syracuse Orange and Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

Syracuse has an established football program that has had very strong times, and very weak times – a perfect fit for the Big 10. Other than Ohio State, the Big 10 standings can be highly volatile on a yearly basis. And the basketball team has also had established success. Plus Syracuse is about as close to New York itself as the Big 10 can get.

About the only university closer is Rutgers, another likely option. The Scarlet Knights have had a solid football program over the last decade joined with an increase in credibility as a quality opponent. Joining the Big 10 offers Rutgers a larger stage than the Big East and gives the Big 10 a 12th team that will not be a threat to upset the apple cart immediately in the conference.

Again, major prospects like Texas,  Nebraska and Notre Dame would not consider a move t the Big 10 because they want to be conference championship contenders from the start. The truth is, the conference would not want a drastic shake-up immediately – the individual athletic directors within the conference would not allow it. The team needs to ease itself into conference contention.

Two other very unlikely names to also consider at this point would be the University of Connecticut and the Naval Academy. With recent success for both programs, their presence on the East Coast at least puts them on the Big 10 radar.

Coming up next: The Semi-finalist. Who will take second place in the chase for the 12th spot in the Big 10?

Mr Pressbox Out!!

Tebow Conspiracy: First (unofficial) Mock Draft Sighting

31 03 2010

Now I know how Major League Baseball players felt when standing in the batter’s box against Randy Johnson. You see this big, hulking presence wind up preparing to deliver one of the scariest fastballs ever in baseball. But no matter how confident you were that the fastball was coming, or how much you readied yourself for that sizzling pitch, you were helpless. It was coming and there was nothing you could do about it.

That is how I feel with this Tim Tebow draft conspiracy. It’s coming. Like a fastball down the pipe, it’s coming. My only hope is that I don’t get drilled in the head with it.’s Adam Schein sees it coming, too. I’m sure there was a self-serving purpose to his prediction, but Schein has delivered what I have found to be the first (unofficial) draft projection. Sorry, Adam, but if he does get picked in the first round, I’ve got dibs on the “I called it first” title.

I say “unofficial” because (1) Schein delivered it in his normal sarcastic delivery (professing his “bro-mance” or “man-crush” with Tebow), (2) he made no real attempt to try to pick who might draft Tebow and where, and (3) Schein is not only my list of “serious Mock Draft” providers.

Schein suggests the New England Patriots and the Washington Redskins might be interested in him. First, Bill “Hoodie” Belichick will not take Tebow in the first round. If he’s available in the second, definitely. But Belichick runs too tight of “war room” to allow hype like Tebow-mania to make him change his draft board. And the Redskins will not take him with the 4th overall pick in the draft. No way, no how. Which is perfect for the Redskins because he SHOULD be available when they come around to pick again in the second round (#37).

And after Sam Bradford’s superb pro-day, you can hear the St Louis Rams sewing the letters on his jersey for the Draft day presentation. So, they will have no need to take a quarterback in the second round. He could easily fall right into the Redskins’ lap.

Again, I always feel like I need to say this, but I agree with Schein when he says Tebow will eventually be a solid NFL player. I totally agree. I just do not feel he is worthy of a first round pick. So much could happen, so many things could go wrong. Nothing is guaranteed with him. Then again, what do I know, all of the “experts” have Jimmy Clausen projected to be a top 10 pick – and he hasn’t touched a football since November.

I like seeing Clausen ranked that high. It will make the draft more interesting this year watching to see how far he falls, a la Brady Quinn and Aaron Rodgers.

I may need to hire that guy who took his Wonderlic Test with Tebow if I actually have to hear Roger Goodell read Tebow’s name on opening night of the draft. He’s obviously got experience telling Tebow to “shut the…”

Mr Pressbox Out!!

Carroll fuels Tebow draft conspiracy

24 03 2010

I felt like Mel Gibson in a taxi cab watching Julia Roberts on a treadmill through binoculars. The conspiracy was coming true. I didn’t know whether to be happy it was coming together like I said, or upset that it was coming together like I said.

When I saw that Pete Carroll, new Seattle Seahawks coach, comment “I can’t believe a quarterback of his stature won’t be (taken in the first round),” I also heard the sound of the first dominoes of the conspiracy falling. (courtesy of Jason La Canfora’s blog)

First the NFL invites Tebow to be present at the NFL draft, when no one is predicting him even close to the first round. Draft invitations are only extended to potential high first round picks, never to guys who aren’t even on mock drafts in the first round. It makes no sense.

Until you hear Carroll’s comments today. Then it starts to clear up. The NFL gets in the ear of “the new guy” and “suggest” he make a well placed comment about Tebow being first-round talent. Carroll is the first and only person to suggest such an outrageous thing. Other teams know Seattle is in need of a quarterback replacement (with Matt Hasselback’s imminent departure) and no one believes Charlie Whitehurst is really going to be their long-term solution at quarterback.

I challenge anyone to find me a legitimate mock draft (ESPN,, FoxSports, CNNSI, Yahoo, Sporting News, etc – not some crazy hack) that has Tebow in the first round dated between January 1 – March 24, 2010. It doesn’t exist.

Now you get the other teams worried that Seattle aren’t going to waste a pick on him in the first round, but they may be hungry to move up and take him early in the second round, or possibly another team like Washington or Tampa Bay might snag him early in the second round.

Let the panic spread!!!

The next thing you know, Tebow is on everyone’s big board. Not because of his talent, but because they want to be the team to take Tebow, and the race is on to see who actually picks him first. It’s more like a game of chicken than a race – to see who the first guy to flinch and take him might be. Now, Tebow is drafted in the 20s of the first round by a team that has no need for him. Why? Hysteria. Tim Tebow fueled hysteria.

Here is my disclaimer: I believe Tim Tebow has the potential to be one of the top quarterbacks taken in this draft. I think Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, Max Hall, Tony Pike and Tebow are solid NFL-caliber quarterbacks. I guarantee Tebow will prove to be better than Jimmy Clausen. Take that to the bank. But he is not ready yet. He even admitted it. He is not worth the money and the value of a first round pick. Plain and simple.

The only way Tebow is drafted in the first round is through the snowball of hype Pete Carroll just created. And I promise you that someone in the NFL offices had a hand in the remarks made today. Otherwise explain Pete Carroll’s remarks.

Mr Pressbox Out!!

I hope you didn’t waste your money on Pacquiao

15 03 2010

Manny Pacquiao just proved what an idiot he is, and how gullible boxing can be.

Cowboys Stadium was reserved for a “fight of the ages”, not a Pacquiao sparring practice with Joshua Clottey. The grand coliseum, with 51,000 in attendance and millions at home, was mocked with the spectacle of a last-minute make-up fight because Pacquiao wasn’t ready to take on Floyd Mayweather.

Then after they yawner that was supposed to be a prize fight, Pacquiao calls Mayweather out. For what? Wanting the urine-drinking fighter to submit to a drug test before the Clash of the Titans between with Mayweather?

Cottey did his job in the role of sparring partner, taking more than twice as many punches as he threw, lasting to the final bell (something no other Pacquiao opponent had accomplished). But it was the not the spectacle Bob Arum promised. It was not the reason Cowboys Stadium was booked for March 2010.

It would have been better money spent if they showed Rocky I-IV on the giant HD TVs instead of Pacquiao vs Clottey.

And why is Mayweather the bad guy for wanting Pacquiao to take a drug test before the fight? What’s the deal? Only people with something to hide put up such a fuss. Mayweather wants to prove he can defeat Mayweather without PEDs. Is Pacquiao telling us in his own way that he needs PEDs to keep up with Mayweather? If the shoe fits, right?

But like all great productions, this was just Act 1, Mayweather vs Mosley will be Act 2, with the Finale being a  Mayweather vs Pacquiao Christmas time blockbuster. And we are all being played like suckers buying into the whole thing. Let’s just hope the final act lives up to the hype. Unlike “2012”.

Mr Pressbox Out!!

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Greatest QBs of All-Time: The Oh-Crap Factor

11 02 2010

Much has been made the last two weeks since Peyton Manning out-played Drew Brees, but lost the Super Bowl – in large part to his Pick-6 late in game – about Manning’s legacy and where he stands in the all-time pantheon of NFL quarterbacks.

This is an easy one: he is one of the greatest of ALL-TIME! Period. Why? Because he is one of the elite QBs to pass the “Oh Crap Test”. The name has been changed to a more “PG”-friendly title.

The “Oh Crap Test” refers to a quarterback’s “IT” factor, if you are following me at home. Stats are not involved. Rings are not involved. It is the measure of player and fan intimidation. The more often the phrase “Oh Crap! Do we really have to face _____?” the higher the QB rating. And yes, it appears modern QBs fare better than the older generations due to the hype-factor and pub-factor involved in today’s game.

I am only listing the top 5:

1. JOE MONTANA – Nothing struck more fear into opposing players and fans than seeing #16 standing behind center in a scarlet red jersey and a gold helmet for San Francisco during the 1980s. He was scary during the regular season, but once the post-season hit, he was a nightmare for the opposition. The obvious No. 1.

2. PEYTON MANNING – Scrap the .500 post-season record (I apologize I used a statistic). No one (fan or player) ever wakes up on Sunday morning and says “I’m so glad we’re playing Peyton Manning today.” The next time someone says that will be the first time in Peyton’s adult life. Peyton can put Betty White, Gary Coleman, Peter Griffin and a fat Elvis impersonator at the wide receiver and tight end positions and still throw for 300 yards and 3 TDs. History may very well put Peyton at the top of this list.

3. BRETT FAVRE – The Ol’ Gunslinger comes in third after another dazzling season. Favre still has it. Last minute wins. 4th quarter comebacks. 50-yard touchdown passes while spinning and falling backwards with his helmet turned sideways. Fastballs that make Randy Johnson look like a slow-pitch softball players. The only things keeping him from the top spot are that stupid jump-hook and his propensity to airmail it express to an eagerly waiting defender.

4. JOHN ELWAY – Elway may have looked like he belonged on a Garbage Pails Kids card, but was a surgeon on the field. No team wanted him on the field with 2 minutes left with the game on the line. He was the master of the comeback and, like Manning, could ruin other teams’ days or seasons surrounded by a group of tier-2 receivers and running backs. Imagine what he could have done with Jerry Rice at wide receiver, or Dallas Clark at tight end.

5. DAN MARINO – Mr. Isotoner may have been a statue in the pocket, but he was a bombardier. He had a precision missile launching system more feared than the Patriot Missile. He never had a running game to adequately take the pressure off, which made it even more amazing he was so dangerous in the pocket. Defenders knew he was going to pass 50 times per game and they still couldn’t stop him. The man set records that only Manning may reach.

Honorable mentions (in no specific order): Sammy Baugh, Steve Young, Bart Starr, Johnny Unitas, Troy Aikman

Current players who may make the list in the future:Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Phillip Rivers.

Mr. Pressbox Out!!

Tomlinson says Chargers to release him, hopefully soon

5 02 2010

If his own speculation is true – and why would anyone doubt the word of LaDainian Tomlinson – his 9-year career in San Diego will be over soon. Anticipating a salary-cap move worth up to $5 million, Tomlinson has asked for the Chargers to make the cut quick and painless.

Where is the love? Where is the respect? Where is the gratitude? Money is screwing everything up.

This is just another example of players building their careers with one program, only to get kicked to the curb after years of dedicated service. And why? All over money.

Two of this year’s Hall of Fame inductees (soon to be announced) Jerry Rice and Emmit Smith are two prime examples. Jerry Rice helped build the 49ers’ 1990s Team of the Decade dynasty with nothing but a crazy work ethic and devotion to his team, teammates and fans. Emmit Smith was apart of the Trio, “America’s Team”, the other powerhouse in the NFC during the 1990s. And BOTH were cut at the end of their careers just to save money. Rice maintined a few dignified years in Oakland after leaving the Niners, but squandered a legacy with the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos. Smith set the all-time rushing record, not in a Dallas Cowboys uniform, but in the strange costume of the Arizona Cardinals (before they were playoff contenders).

That’s just a slap in the face. “Thank you for your help in building our franchise into a playoff contender, but we think we’ve milked you for all your worth, so now we’re letting you go. Buh-Bye.” The Chargers flat out abused Tomlinson for years. He carried more mail than the all of the greater Los Angeles Post offices combined. They rode him until his tires almost fell off. And what does he get for his service, his trouble, his pain? A “see ya later. big guy.”

Nothing would be sweeter than watching LT sign with the Denver Broncos or Kansas City Chiefs to help them tutor their “running backs of the future” Knowshon Moreno and Jamaal Charles, respectively, while staying in the AFC West and helping his new team take over the top spot in the conference.

Paybacks can be a bitch. Rice and Smith never really managed to exact revenge on their former teams. It would be nice, just once, to see a quite, mild-mannered guy like LT give the middle fingers to his former team a couple of times each year.

Now the question is, who will the Chargers draft at running back this year? Because obviously Darren Sproles is not an every-down everyday running back.

Mr Pressbox Out!!

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