Tebow’s greatness leads to NFL rigging the draft?

17 03 2010

And it never ends …

Just when you thought reality was finally going to knock Tim Tebow out of the Pantheon down to Earth with the rest of us schmoes, the NFL kicks us in the gut with the news that Tebow has been invited to attend the draft.

The NFL has invited only those players with a guaranteed slot in the first round of the draft, and after the Aaron Rodgers and Brady Quinn sagas played out on live television, they restricted the invitations to reduce the risk of a player being embarrassed on draft day.

But then Tim Tebow was born – or was it immaculately conceived – and all the rules change.

By inviting Tebow to the draft site, they plan on putting him in the gallery with cameras on him from the minute Roger Goodell makes his first trip to the microphone. The NFL undoubtedly is putting pressure on NFL teams to “be the team to draft the man, the myth, the legend, the god, Tim Tebow.”

I was OK with wrestling being rigged. I understand horse racing and boxing have their “moments.” But this is just too far. Now the NFL gets to ram Tebow down our throats?!?!

I feel like I’m back at college at a party with Roger Goodell and he’s got a beer-bong and can of Tim Tebow, while the NFLPA is ramming the tube down my throat. Standby, here comes the Tebow, whether you like it or not!!

Tim Tebow is nowhere near a first round pick in this years draft. Even he admits he has a lot of room for improvement and things to work on. The first round is not the place to draft “projects.” That’s the 3rd-6th rounds. That’s what they invented Compensatory Picks for. The first two rounds are dedicated to building and improving teams, not drinking the Tebow energy drink.

Now we can all wait for the Guarana and Tebow crashes after be forced to stomach this crap.

If Tebow is drafted in the first round, you can bet Vince McMahon is somewhere on the NFL board of directors.

First Jimmy Clausen it expected to be a top 10 pick, now this? Is football that desperate?

I can’t take it anymore.

Mr Pressbox Out!!


Two worst ideas I’ve heard today, if not EVER

25 02 2010

I have heard some pretty bad ideas in my day. I’ve had quite a few myself. But two things I heard today are threatening to make my all-time top 10 list of bad ideas.

First, Tim Tebow declares he is not throwing during the quarterback drills this weekend at the NFL Combine. I totally understand his thought process behind the decision, but choosing to skip the drills only proves he is not ready to be an NFL quarterback. And anyone thinking he has a chance to get drafted in the first round need to seek some professional help. He may prove he is a stud athlete in the other drills, but this puts a big red flag up to anyone thinking of drafting him as a quarterback.

Second, is all the speculation that Jimmy Clausen will (1) be drafted ahead of Sam Bradford and (2) possibly be a top 10 pick. OK, someone left the hype machine running all night and now we are all knee-deep in it. Clausen is overrated as it is. He only racked up the large amount of passing yards because Notre Dame didn’t have any sort of running game and were behind more than they were winning.  Anyone who takes two minutes to look past his passing yards and the fact that he played for Notre Dame (sorry, he is no Joe Montana or Joe Theisman) and actually watch film on this guy will tell you he is not a first round talent. Plus he is not even expected to audition for any NFL scouts prior to the draft due to his injury – not even at the Notre Dame pro day. Of course that could change, but if it doesn’t, what team in their right mind would waste a first round pick on this guy? Is a first round pick that expendable these days? And don’t even get me started on his overall qualifications as a Tier 1 quarterback, check this out and it will explain exactly why Clausen does not have the talent to be a first round quarterback selection. — Nuff said.

One parting shot … if the NFL has Tim Tebow on the NFL Draft invite list, it will be the worst mistake since Tiger Woods got married (awww, too soon?). There is no possible way he is one of the top 10 guys drafted and it would only prove how much the NFL wants to pimp him like … ok I’ll skip the Tiger Woods reference here. But to be honest, there is a part of me that wants to see him suffer worse than Aaron Rodgers sitting all alone at the table waiting for his name to get called.

Mr Pressbox Out!!