I hope you didn’t waste your money on Pacquiao

15 03 2010

Manny Pacquiao just proved what an idiot he is, and how gullible boxing can be.

Cowboys Stadium was reserved for a “fight of the ages”, not a Pacquiao sparring practice with Joshua Clottey. The grand coliseum, with 51,000 in attendance and millions at home, was mocked with the spectacle of a last-minute make-up fight because Pacquiao wasn’t ready to take on Floyd Mayweather.

Then after they yawner that was supposed to be a prize fight, Pacquiao calls Mayweather out. For what? Wanting the urine-drinking fighter to submit to a drug test before the Clash of the Titans between with Mayweather?

Cottey did his job in the role of sparring partner, taking more than twice as many punches as he threw, lasting to the final bell (something no other Pacquiao opponent had accomplished). But it was the not the spectacle Bob Arum promised. It was not the reason Cowboys Stadium was booked for March 2010.

It would have been better money spent if they showed Rocky I-IV on the giant HD TVs instead of Pacquiao vs Clottey.

And why is Mayweather the bad guy for wanting Pacquiao to take a drug test before the fight? What’s the deal? Only people with something to hide put up such a fuss. Mayweather wants to prove he can defeat Mayweather without PEDs. Is Pacquiao telling us in his own way that he needs PEDs to keep up with Mayweather? If the shoe fits, right?

But like all great productions, this was just Act 1, Mayweather vs Mosley will be Act 2, with the Finale being a  Mayweather vs Pacquiao Christmas time blockbuster. And we are all being played like suckers buying into the whole thing. Let’s just hope the final act lives up to the hype. Unlike “2012”.

Mr Pressbox Out!!


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